I Have No Relatives in Russia

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why the strange title, you ask? Because someone logged on to my online banking today... from Russia. And also from LA. We got a call from BB&T's Fraud Department advising us of the strange behavior and urging us to close our accounts and open new ones.

Isn't that crazy!? My Thursday was much more exciting than I anticipated.

Fortunately, our money wasn't touched. But it still makes me uneasy, you know? Identity theft is something that happens to someone else -- not me!

I was surprised at the amount of places I needed to update my banking information. I use our checking account to pay a lot of things online (utility bills, credit cards, etc.), and our paychecks are directly deposited. Now we need new debit cards. New checks. Oh my.

Thank you, BB&T Fraud Department, for doing your job!


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oh my.

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