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Monday, January 18, 2010

I don't know about you, but I'm on my fourth day off in a row. Nice!

I am thinking in list format today.

1. I am thinking about making this for dinner, but it sounds like so much work. Want to make it for me? (I think that's called going to the Olive Garden.)

2. Target has Cheer on sale for $9.99 this week. I try not to buy it for more than $8.99. I just registered on for a $1 off coupon, but it won't arrive for 6-8 weeks. Bummer.

3. 24 was great last night. I am ready for another 2 hours tonight. I love Jack Bauer, and my husband is ok with that.

4. I think Candice Olsen is absolutely brilliant. I could watch Divine Design all day long. I mean seriously -- just look at this bedroom:

Click here to see the before shot. I wish they would show the cost of each finished room!

5. Today has been a day of slow accomplishment. For example: lay on couch. wash dishes. lay on couch. do a load of laundry. lay on couch. shower, shave, put away dishes, swiffer the floor -- wow, that was a lot! -- lay on couch. etc.

Boring update, I know. But so goes my day.

Just keepin' it real.


Ashley said...

I like all your updates, whether you think they are boring or not. :)

The room above is a little busy for me (like what is the function of that huge ottoman thing in the middle of the room? maybe I'm just missing something ...), but I love the soft color scheme!

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