My Little Iguana

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Because I can find little else to blog about currently, perhaps this will make you laugh.

Last night Wes and I had this conversation:

Beth: Let's go buy your new computer!
Wes: [makes hissing noise]
Beth: Did you just seethe at me?!
Wes: I was pretending to be an iguana!
Beth: [LOL]

This morning, he sent me an email. It said:

If I could be a lizard, I would be this one:

Or this motha (yes, he said "motha"):

And no lie -- as I type, he is currently watching a YouTube video about an obese chihuahua. Oh my. Yet when asked why he hasn't put together my new shoe shelves, it's because he has so much school work to do. Really, my little iguana? Really?


Casey said...

LOL! You two crack me up! :)

I'd like to see that obese chihuahua video too!

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