Photo Shoot: I'm Not Lion

Monday, January 11, 2010

(What a clever title! Aren't I so funny?)

I recently had Alicia take pictures of my bedroom, and I am excited to post them in the next few days. But until I do, why don't you enjoy some shots she took of Judah in an improptu photo shoot?

Lots of married people sleep with a stuffed animal... right?

The funny thing is, I don't know where I got Juds. I wish I had a great, sentimental story, like he was a gift from my late grandfather, or maybe even from Wes. Nope. I'm pretty sure I bought him for myself, actually.

And now he's just part of the family.


caseyandalicia said...

you crazy.


Casey said...

can't wait to see bedroom pics!

and i'm curious to know what wes thinks of judah! LOL! :)

Beth said...

Casey, Wes pretends to hate Judah, but I think he really likes him. Lol. He just doesn't know how to channel his affection, so he displays it in strange ways, like placing him on the blades of the ceiling fan and then turning it on (sad!), or hiding him in the freezer (Judah doesn't like the cold). ;) Yes, we BOTH interact with my stuffed animal....

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