Natural AND Tasty? Yes, please!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Believe it or not, I do try to take a look at the ingredients of food before I buy it. Sometimes poor ingredients seem unavoidable (evidenced by the fact that I can't find a flour tortilla on the shelves of Walmart or Kroger that doesn't have partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil in it!), and sometimes I just don't care (evidenced by the Snickers ice cream bars that currently reside in my freezer). Sometimes I care, but I don't want to change... and this used to apply to my choice of peanut butter.

Alicia has always chided me about my choice of peanut butter. Her peanut butter has peanuts in it. And maybe some salt. That's all. Mine? Here is the ingredient list:

"Made from peanut butter--

As a side note, it's probably a bad thing when the product states that it's made from the product it's actually supposed to be, right?

"(Roasted peanuts and sugar, contains 2% or less of: molasses, fully hydrogenated vegetable oils (rapeseed and soybean), mono and diglycerides, salt), honey, sugar."

I think fully-hydrogenated oils are less bad than partially-hydrogenated ones, but I really don't know. What the heck is rapeseed oil?! BUT it tastes just marvelous. I love the hint of honey. Seems worth the rapeseed oil(?) to me. Yum.

Last night I went to the grocery store, and I saw this on the shelf:

It grabbed my attention, so I bought it. It was only a few cents more expensive than the kind I normally buy. And for good measure, I bought a jar of the chunky, non-honey kind for my hubs. When I got home, I took a spoon and marched over to Alicia's house. I wanted her to see my reaction to what was probably not going to taste very good.

But you know what? I like it! And it only has four ingredients: peanuts, honey, sugar, salt. Nice!

I will say, though, that like most natural peanut butter, the oil separates at the top. When trying to mix it all together, I splashed it all over my shirt. Even an instant spray-and-wash application and thorough washing in cold water couldn't save the shirt. So sad! But I do thank God that I decided to wear an older Target sweater yesterday instead of a newer TH one. I would've been really sad if I had ruined a new sweater!

So that's my product recommendation for the day: yummy peanut butter with an ingredient list about which you don't have to be skeptical. Tomorrow I'll tell you all about a $180 coat that I got at Macy's yesterday for 78% off!


Ashley M said...

Beth. We use Skippy natural and it doesn't separate. It's wonderful. Incase, you were looking for another natural option for next time :)

Beth said...

I think you have convinced me to try it. I just love the not-so-good-for-you-stuff.

I am also excited to hear about your great deal- see? We don't need facebook ;o)

I'm glad someone else is going through the process with me. So happy we have more time to focus on the Lord!

Justin and Laura said...

The key is to stir it up when you get it and then immediately put it in the fridge. The fridge keeps the pb and oil from separating so you only have to stir it once! We have the BEST grocery store here called H.E.B. and their brand of organic natural peanut butter is the best. And the ingredient list: peanuts. That's it. It makes me want to shout for joy every time I eat it. It took me a while to get used to it but now I would never ever look back!

Kari Plevan said...

Stirring it up and then refrigerating it usually makes it good. Sometimes you have to microwave it for a few seconds out of the fridge to loosen it up so you can spread it. If it's not sweet enough for you just add a drizzle of honey to your toast, sandwich, etc. And yes, read labels. If you don't know what it is or can't pronounce it, don't eat it. ;)

Amanda said...

Mmmmh you have to always go with Smucker's or Jiff and support my hometown of Orrville, Ohio! I love the Smucker's natural peanut butter, too. In the fridge. lol.

mollie said...

I have been using natural peanut butter solely for a couple years and I can't go back to the processed stuff. There is no comparison in taste. Natural>>>>processed mystery product.

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