Need To Know: 5 Question Edition

Monday, February 8, 2010

There are a few things I need to know -- 5, to be exact. If you read but don't comment, I need you now more than ever! (Yes, I have a penchant for drama.)

1. How, oh please tell me how, HOW can I get my dear, sweet hubs's white undershirts from smelling AWFUL? I opened the dryer tonight expecting to smell a lovely combination of clean laundry and fabric softener, and BAM. Body odor like WHOA. Help!!

2. I know I've already blogged about this, but should I spend almost $80 on shoes? Even if I will wear them a lot?? I really like them, but gosh, that is a lot of money. (Kari, do you get a discount at Zappos?! PS: I like your red hair!)

3. My hubs and I need to fly to Pittsburgh for a weekend in May (have I mentioned that my BFF is getting MARRIED?! love you, Chels!) and the tickets are going to be around $500 round trip. This makes me sad (especially since that's how much we paid to fly to California this summer!). Anyone know of a way to get an amazing deal on tickets?

4. And this I definitely need to know -- have you gone here and gotten any sweet coupons yet?We play every day and have been pleased at the amount of meals we've been able to eat at Qdoba for $1.50 each recently. (We hold out for a "Free Craft 2 with regular drink purchase" coupons before we go!)

5: The million-dollar question: Should I quit drinking Diet Coke? Is one a day really going to kill me? (If you have a soap box about aspartame, now's your chance to get on it!)

I think that's all I have for now. Thanks for your advice!


mollie said...

1. Try a detergent with febreze + scentaway (used by hunters). This combination has not only proven effective in getting my brother's shirts fresh (he has the same problem as Wes) but it also managed to COMPLETELY erase the smell of 15 hours a week of anatomy lab from my scrubs last year. That is serious power.

2. Absolutely not. Unless those shoes stay in style for the next 10 years and you wear them multiple times per week and unless they're actually orthopedic/orthotic and handcrafted for you. I'm pretty sure I've seen those exact shoes for $10 at Gabes.

3. Or try You can get cheap deals with them a lot of the time. But isn't she getting married around finals week? That's going to make it expensive no matter who you buy from because of all the end-of-term traffic.

4. No

5. You'll be fine. Aspartame is kinda scary, but 1 coke a day is not going to kill you. Driving your car is more likely to have an adverse effect on your health than aspartame. Should you quit drinking it? Of course, if for no other reason than because it's still pop and it's still acidic and it will still leach calcium out of your bones...but you're not going to get excitotoxicity from it.
Hope that helped.

Laurin said...

1. Perhaps he needs a different deodorant and/or a stronger soap?
2. Okay. I'm a HUGE bargain shopper, rarely paying over $30 for any one piece of clothing. For example, I found a dress at White House Black Market marked down to $29.99, originally $118 and I had trouble buying it just b/c it was with tax almost past my mark. I did in fact buy it. Anyways, all that to say: They look like incredibly practical and even classic heels giving me the inclination to think you could wear them for many years to come. If you've got the money and really, really need them, I say: Why not? But then again, I would not say that heels are really need-ful. Sorry. I'm not being helpful.
3. Hah! I haven't flown in about 3 years. I am of no help.
4. I tried it the other day but couldn't figure it out. Do help.
5. Go for it! I'm all about a little pleasure for snack time.

Kim said...

All I am saying is those shoes will never go out of style. If you don't buy them I will. I might anyway. They're gorgeous and my black pumps are currently worn out and from Target, also.

Anonymous said...

1. oxyclean
2. yes, good shoes are worth spending money on.
3. no clue
4. no
5. do what you want :)

-ashley lively

ps this is my first comment on a blog...thank you snow day :)

jon.mathieu said...

This blog needs a little masculinity.

1. Wes's shirts smell fine.

2. You and Wes should have a budget. If it fits in your budget's clothing section, buy it. If it doesn't... if it fits in your budget's entertainment section, buy it. If it doesn't, then you should pass.

3. Pittsburgh rules.

4. Whatever this thing is giving you discounts, I need to check it out.

5. You've obviously read the wikipedia article on aspartame, since you used that quotation from it. The article couldn't be clearer (and wikipedia is never wrong): while "some political activists, conspiracy theorists, and a few medical researchers have questioned [its] safety," about 1,000,000 studies have shown over and over again that aspartame is safe. I will go on trusting the vast majority of the medical community over conspiracy theorists and political activists.

Katy said...

Buy the shoes. I just spent $80 on these:
(I had to include them so you know how cute they are)

I will wear - and already have - these shoes several times a week especially as spring comes. I know that they seem expensive but I fully think that if you know they're good quality and that you will wear them enough to pay for them...go for it.

(I'm also pregnant and feel that the more weight I gain the more I deserve cute things to compensate so maybe you shouldn't listen to me.)

Susan Case said...

Bill had the same issue with his shirts stinking even after washing with heavy-duty detergents and bleach. He switched to Degree deodorant soap and a stronger deodorant/antiperspirant. No more problems with shirts smelling bad.

Kari said...

I don't have answers to everything, but I do know a few things. I can send you a 20% off coupon for friends and family for Zappos if you find something on there you like. And of course shipping is free! Just send me a message on FB if you are interested.

I would try bleaching his shirts and using stain remover on the "trouble spots" like arm pits. Shout works great.

Oh and back to the shoes. $80 seems like a lot, but good shoes that you will wear all the time are worth paying an extra penny, so don't rule them out just yet. Again, check out Zappos.

I used to drink Diet Dr. Pepper a lot, but now it's more of a treat for me. Anything fake is NOT good for you. People think diet or low fat always equals good, but it's just filled with fake stuff to trick your tastebuds. Usually stuff your body doesn't know what to do with. Now I'm not condoning regular coke either....high fructose corn syrup is a problem! So maybe try and scale back. Or find caffeine in a more natural place like coffee or black tea.

Hope this helps. :)

Amanda said...

1. I think I gave you some tip about vinegar on Facebook.

2. I would say no for several personal reasons (I can't wear heels, I am a SAHM who does not go to fancy restaurants, I can't wear heels...), but if it fits into your budget and you guys do a "blow money" kind of system like we used to, save up some of that money and buy them.

3. I really don't know. But John has had a lot of success with

4. I did try it, but I have enough of an internet problem I don't think I'm going to do it anymore.

5. Seriously! One Diet Coke a day isn't going to hurt you. At least I don't think so. Do you drink a lot of coffee too, though? I always try to limit myself to 8 oz. per day of caffeinated beverages because it seems I'm pregnant a lot lately...and it's a hard habit to break if I become pregnant. And it's expensive if it gets out of hand.

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