A Valentine's Day Assortment

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I have an assortment of things to share today. Think of it as an assortment of chocolates on Valentine's day, except without the calories (yeah!).

-I got Wes a card, wrote him a letter, tied a ribbon to his favorite bottle of italian soda, and even made him a chocolate chip cheesecake (sooo good) for Vday.


-I bought Bethany Dillon's new CD over the weekend, and I love it. BD's music is refreshing & real to me. I really enjoy her.

-We got rid of Wes's desktop! Well, meaning we unplugged it and put its cords in bags. It is now ready to be wiped, have XP reinstalled, and then we hope to sell it. But at least it is gone, along with its many cords. I hate cord clutter. A lot. (Check out Nicole's great cord storage solution here.)

-I am giving up Diet Coke and Facebook for Lent. Go ahead and laugh, but I'm serious! Pastor Daniel encouraged us to think of things that occupy our time and/or preoccupy our thoughts. I spend a lot of time on facebook, and I've been interested in cutting back on my DC intake for a while. Cutting them both out of my life solidly for 40 days will be a real eye-opener, I think, of how much time/energy/affection I do spend on them. Cutting facebook will open a lot of time that I can spend in God's word (which I desperately need), and cutting Diet Coke will leave me thinking, "I need a Diet Coke right now!" And then I will hopefully counter that with, "No, you don't. You need the Lord."

-I want to learn how to wear a skirt in the winter. Like, with leggings and boots. But I am nervous. Would someone who's fashion forward like to help me with this endeavor?

-Wes is going overseas this summer for two weeks, and I confess, I am already thinking about the many projects I can do while he's gone. He doesn't always enjoy my projects. :) I am thinking about painting our desk. But on the other hand, I don't really like it (the build of it), so part of me thinks I should just put up with it for another year and not take it with us when (if?) we move. I'm not sure a coat of paint will really make it any better. I think I mainly don't like it because it's bulky and heavy, and I'd rather have a more streamlined desk. Paint won't solve that.

-This is the latest picture I have of us with Grammy. Isn't it cute?

This is the last picture we have of Wes & Nana. We miss her. Wes officiated her funeral; did I mention that? He did a great job.

-I am currently reading East of Eden. Then I am going to read The Fiction Class (I picked it up at Books A Million for $4; it looks good!). Then I am going to read A Prayer for Owen Meany. That's as far as I've gotten on my book list. Any suggestions? I just started watching Bones, at a friend's suggestion, so hopefully I can pull myself away from the TV long enough to actually make a dent in this reading list I've developed.

-Ok, talking about all those books has made me want to read. And have a piece of cheesecake. :) Happy Valentine's day!


Amanda said...

this is how you pull off a skirt with leggings:


James and Rebekah Bush said...

I think I am going to give up fb for lent too...i spend WAY too much time on it!

Julie Crouser said...

Hey beth,
you mentioned the books you are reading. I just wanted to tell you I started The Shack last night. Dad said you really liked it. It's really good! I'm actually going to go read more now!


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