Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Q: How do you know it's been way too long since you dusted your TV screen?
A: When you finally pull out the Windex and your paper towel is black when you're done.

Q: How long does a bottle of Windex last?
A: Forever, I'm pretty sure. I quit looking into "green" glass cleaners a long time ago because I'm pretty sure I'm going to have this bottle of Windex for the rest of my life. But maybe if I started cleaning my screens before they got so dirty, that wouldn't be true. Hmm.

Q: Is Wes going to let you keep it?

A: I'm not sure. He says he likes a higher back. We'll see. Cross your fingers for me! {Note: it does have arms; we just didn't have them assembled yet. And I'm not totally opposed to the high-back edition, I just hate the hassle of shipping this one back.}

Q: Didn't you host another baby shower over the weekend? Where are those pictures?
A: Why yes, I did. I co-hosted with the fabulous Laurin Boeving. You can find a few pictures here. It was so much fun.

Q: What are you going to do this weekend?
A: Nothing! I'm going to clean and sleep. And pick up/start reading this book, because I think I'm joining a book club soon. Whee!

Q: Don't you think this house is incredibly beautiful?

A: Why yes, I do. How did you know?

Q: WVU is in the final four! Are you so excited?
A: Yeah, I'm excited. Probably not as excited as everyone else; I don't care that much. But WVU's my alma mater, so it's pretty cool.

Q: It's almost 10:00 p.m. Why are you still awake?
A: That is a fabulous question... I'm really not sure. Goodnight!


Alicia said...

I <3 wendell berry.
casey and i totally went to henry county to stalk him. for reals.

Lee said...

I LOVE Wendell Berry. Put Jayber Crow on your "Wendell Berry" fiction list.

SIL said...

So I don't think that house is all that great. Its too earthy and country for me. I did like the bedrooms and that one chair a lot though.

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