Neighbor Love

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've mentioned before that living across the hall from Alicia is great. Alicia and I are a little like Lucy & Ethel. It's so fun.

So Alicia came over tonight to pop some popcorn, and during our conversation she mentioned that Casey wants a certain Bible for his birthday. Let's just say that I found this fact interesting and decided to address it on gmail chat:

me: you want a Bible for your birthday?
that's so lame.
Sent at 9:46 PM on Wednesday

Casey: you're so lame
and...i'm telling God you said that


Alicia said...


This is why Wes needs to go to school in CA next. Really. He has to.

mollie said...

Who is Lucy, and who is Ethel?

Anonymous said...

As in which one of you is which, not as in "WHO THE HECK IS THIS LUCY PERSON EVERYONE KEEPS TALKING ABOUT". Just thought I'd clarify. :-)

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