Coupon Adventures: What I've Learned So Far

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I've learned a few things about myself since I've started this couponing journey:

-I'm not one of those people who can cut out every coupon & organize it in a binder. In fact, you are welcome to the coupon binder I started if you want it (seriously!). I just can't do it. I put off clipping the coupons, and before I know it I have three weeks' worth to cut. It takes me forever. Then I get overwhelmed by life, put off shopping, and before I know it 3/4 of them {that I worked so hard to cut & insert in the binder} are expired. I know several people who do this well, so I'm definitely not saying it doesn't work. It just doesn't work for me!

-Going along with that, I'll say what I've started to do: date my coupon circulars and organize (read: pile) them in date order. That way when coupon websites say to use a certain coupon found in, say, the 5/10 Smart Source booklet, I can find the booklet, locate the coupon, and clip it. Easy peasy.

-I recently called the Courier Journal to see about getting a Sunday-only subscription to the paper. They quoted almost $10/month. I mentioned that I have a friend who gets it for a little less than $5/month. They said that I would need a promotional code for that. I said okay, and that I didn't want the paper for the price they quoted me. I figured they'd call back and offer me the promotion. I was right! They called back a week later and offered me the price I asked for. Hooray!

Our maintenance guy, Melvin, brings me the paper when he's done with it, but I can't always count on him remembering to bring it. This way, I'm guaranteed at least one copy of every coupon book each week. When he remembers to bring it on Mondays, I'll have double the coupons - so double the deals!

-I'm good at getting toiletries and household items for cheap (thanks to Money Saving Mom!), but I'm NOT good at using coupons for groceries. To fix that:

-I just signed up for a free trial of The Grocery Game. I'm not sure if I will like it, but I hope I do! During the four-week free trial you can pick as many stores as you like; when my membership starts it will be $5/month for each store I pick. Right now, during the free trial, I'm signed up for CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Kroger. I have a feeling that I'll just stick with Kroger when I'm actually paying for it, though. Kroger doubles coupons 50 cents and under, whereas Walmart doesn't, which makes for better deals. And MSM does frequent posts on Walgreens and CVS, so I'm thinking I'll just stick to her posts for those stores.

I used my free trial tonight to get a GREAT deal on the following at Kroger:

-Two bottles of Old Spice Men's Body Wash
-Two containers of McCormick Grill Mates Seasoning
-A bottle of Kraft Dressing
-A package of Oscar Meyer Selects Hot Dogs
-A bottle of Bullseye Barbecue Sauce

Pre-coupon total: $25.73
Post-coupon total: $2.31!

I think the GG will be great because it helps you organize sales and coupons to get great deals. I don't have tons of time to clip zillions of coupons or search the newspaper ads with my coupons in hand to find bargains. I am totally willing to pay $1.25 a week for someone to do 90% of the work for me!

{Btw, you can earn free weeks through the GG by getting referrals - so if you decide to try it, please use my email address as a referral!}

Happy shopping! :)


Amanda said...

First of all I did not know that Kroger doubles $.50 and under coupons! Great to know!

Second, I've heard lots about the Grocery Game site and am beginning to think it'd be so helpful. I agree that I can get lots of toiletry items for cheap but not so much when it comes to groceries. It just takes a lot of time that I am not always willing to devote to it.

Kelly Irene said...

I'm so impressed with your business savvy getting the subscription for $5! I don't do coupons. I can't remember to cut them out. I can't remember to reference them when I'm making my grocery list. I can't remember to bring them with me to the grocery store. If I do remember, I can't find them because I put them somewhere "safe". One time I did remember to bring them with me and when the cashier asked if I had any, I said, "No." I remember when I got to my car. I'm a coupon mess. Oh well! I am so glad it's working for you and hope you enjoy the Grocery Game (I have a friend who eats on next to nothing for her whole family of four using that. )

Casey said...

Way to go! I've always wanted to try couponing but it seems like alot of work to get started and keep it going...I'll check out those sites though...maybe I'll be inspired :)

Amy said...

I'd love your coupon binder! Thanks!

Beth said...

Amy, let me know how to get it to you and it's all yours! :)

Alicia said...

Let me know if you like the GG. I tried it for several months, and my conclusion was that, for me, it didn't give me any prices I couldn't get at Aldi (though I was getting brand-name stuff instead of Aldi brand). So it wasn't worth it for me. Maybe I should give it another try.

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