Monday, May 3, 2010

Tonight at CVS:

2 bottles of Nivia Active 3 for men
2 bottles of Nivia body wash for me :)
1 bottle of Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap

Total out of pocket: $0.72

Oh, and I got $5 in CVS bucks back, too.

So that's why they call it "Free -V-S" in the coupon world. Love it!


Brandi said...

WOW, Beth! That is awesome! Way to go with the whole coupon thing. I'm trying, but not too successful. :( said...

SO cool.

Amanda said...

I thought I did well, but not quite as well as you. I took my total down from 52 to 28 with 10 back in ECBs. A few things I really needed though.

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