Just Keep Swimming...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All work {and travel} and no play makes Jack a dull boy Beth an absolutely pathetic individual.

You guys, I'm drowning. I really am. I've barely got my head above water!

Hubs is gone for two weeks. Work is crazy. I'm done traveling, I think -- praise God -- but my body is protesting nonetheless. Stop this train; I want to get off and go home. When home is my bed, namely.

My house is a total wreck. I'm literally setting the microwave timer for 20 minutes every night and FORCING myself to do whatever I can in that time frame. Normally when I do that, I keep on cleaning -- I just use it to get started. The past two nights, when it's gone off, I have sighed in relief and collapsed into bed.

And got up and gone to work. And came home and collapsed. And repeat.

I am making zero commitments this weekend. ZERO. I seriously might not get out of bed.

Okay, thanks for listening to me whine. I'll close with this:

Two bottles of body wash (Old Spice & Gillette)
Four sticks of deoderant (Right Guard, Gillette and Old Spice)
One box of cereal (Post Shredded Wheat)

Pre-Coupon total: $32.01
Post-Coupon total: $4.13

Not my best deal by far, but not too shabby!

Goodnight. :)


Amanda said...

It's okay, Beth. God is preparing you for motherhood. ;-)

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