Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My dear hubs made a scavenger hunt for our third anniversary! Here's a completely untouched, yes-I-used-a-flash-again photo of the goods (Ineedanewcameraasap!):

I got not just one, but two books I have been wanting (never mind that I recently bought them for myself -- I'll just return them!).

I got two iTunes gift cards that will be perfect for NEXT TUESDAY when I get my iPhone!!! I can already think of several apps I want. Great idea, hubs!

I got sunscreen and aloe lotion because we are going to the beach this weekend! (Okay, so I bought those myself at Target tonight -- I'm just excited about the beach and wanted to include them in the picture!)

I got a picture of the Belle of Louisville and a July calendar with a big question mark, as hubs says I can pick the day when we ride it together!

And most of all, I got my hubs's love and creativity (awww). He said it has been an easy three years. He is lying. We've had some hard times. BUT we've had some great times, too. Every year has been easier, and every year has been more fun. Here's to three more years, hubs! And three more after that! And three more after that. And three more after that....

I love you!


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