Birthday Wish

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For my birthday, I want this:

I just love Ethel's pictures so much, and I want to learn. This is something that I'll be able to grow into. {For quite a while, I imagine, since I know next to nothing about cameras or photography.} I'm excited! Now I just need to work a few extra hours and save some cash. :)

This picture is a peek into my evening tonight:

On Friday I hope to post a completed shot of my latest (read: second ever) sewing project!

Lastly, want to know one of the presents I got my hubs for our anniversary?

Oh yes I did. Gaga, ooh la la! I'm not ashamed to admit that we both love LG. If he's ashamed... well, I already hit publish. Oops. :)


Amanda said...

A camera is a great investment! You go girl. Maryn loves Lady Gaga. A little bit. LOL.

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