Confessions of a Couponer: I Love Rite Aid!

Friday, July 30, 2010

I have to say that I might be forsaking my first love when it comes to couponing!

MSM had an interesting post this week where she asked her readers what drugstore was their favorite/which one had the best deals. After skimming the comments, it seemed like Walgreens was the least liked, which I completely understand. Almost all of the Walgreens I've been to have had uneducated customers and managers when it comes to coupons and their store policies. I always knew the store policies better than they did (!), but they would still tell me I was wrong. I often felt like the employees treated me like a bad person for using coupons -- like they thought I was stealing from their store or something. But even more than the customer service aspect, the Walgreens Register Rewards system is terrible! There are so many rules and regulations. I rarely go there anymore unless there is a really great item to be had for free. Otherwise, I stick to CVS.

CVS has indeed been my first love. The employees are, for the most part, very helpful and friendly. Their Extra Care Bucks system is fantastic. There's a store very close to our apartment, which makes a big difference. But many people commented on MSM's post about how great Rite Aid is, and I have to say that I am starting to agree with them -- specifically because of Rite Aid's new Single-Check Rebate (SCR) System.

Have you heard about SCR? It's so great! Basically Rite Aid offers rebates for tons of products during a specific period of time. Right now the time frame is July 25 through August 28, and this period offers 148 rebate offers totaling up to $711 in rebate savings! Purchase anything with rebates between those dates and register online for the SCR program. You enter three quick pieces of information from your receipt (Store #, Register #, and Transaction #, I think) and you're done! They process the information (typically takes 2-3 days) and list any rebates for which you're eligible. That's right -- you don't have to keep track of the rebates yourself; Rite Aid will do it for you! At the end of the period, you can request your rebate check -- and if you don't request it, they'll request it for you, so you don't have to worry about forgetting.

The trick to SCR is that once you request your single rebate check for the time period, you can't request any more rebates during that period (hence the name "single check" rebate -- you're only allowed one check per period). But it's really not that tricky at all -- since Rite Aid will request my check for me at the end, I don't bother submitting for it myself. That way I know I'm not cutting myself off early and possibly keeping myself from submitting a last-minute rebate I might not know I had.

I often hear couponers say that you should really just pick one drugstore to focus on because doing more than one can get overwhelming. If I find that to be the case, I'm pretty sure I'm going to forsake CVS for Rite Aid. Because Rite Aid offers so many rebates AND you can use coupons on top of them, the savings is really incredible! Plus some items also print out UP Rewards, which is Rite Aid's version of Register Rewards/ECBs.

Here is a quick way I made $ today at Rite Aid. I ran in and bought two Reach toothbrushes that were on sale for $3.99 each (a ridiculous price if you're going to actually pay for them!):

-I used one BOGO coupon and one $1/1 coupon
-I also used $2 in UP Rewards that I had from a previous purchase
-I spent $1.47**
-I submitted my receipt online for a $2.99 rebate and also got $2 in UP Rewards

So I basically made $1.52 in cash and $2 in Rite Aid money -- and got two toothbrushes, too!

So that's my post about how much I am growing to love Rite Aid. {And I only wish they were paying me to promote them, but you know they aren't!}

Ask away if you have any questions about couponing! I'm still learning, but I really do enjoy it. Getting toiletries for free (and making money off most things, really) enables me to spend more money on groceries (where I'm not so good at saving, even though I do try)... and pedicures. :)

**Details for those interested in the nitty gritty:

Remember, you pay tax on your pre-coupon purchase total, so I paid $0.48 in tax on a $7.98 original-price purchase. It worked out like this:

$3.99(2) = $7.98
$7.98 *1.06 (6% tax) = $8.46
$8.46 - $3.99 BOGO coupon = $4.47
$4.47 - $1 coupon = $3.47
$3.47 - $2 UP Reward = $1.47


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You might have finally convinced me. Maybe we can have some couponing and crating fun this weekend or next!

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