Joy -- only $3!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Do you want to know something that really bothers me?

You're looking at it. I really can't stand when my loving, wonderful hubs hangs his pants and belts on the knobs of his dresser! If you can believe it, what cramps my style most is the lack of functionality -- I can't open the drawers properly when all that stuff is hanging on there. Obviously, though, I don't love the way it looks, either.

I've hated this for years. Years. Finally, I spent a little less than $3 at Target on one of those Command removable hooks. What took me so long?!

Stylish? Nah. Neither is that little trash bin hamper I use to hold Wes's dirty Starbucks clothes. But you can't see it from the doorway {or most angles of the room, for that matter}. And I really feel nothing short of joy when I can open the drawers without a hinderance!

Best $3 I've ever spent. :)


Amanda said...

John and I had so many problems like this with his dresser that we finally put his dresser in a closet when we had one big enough. That way I could just shut the door and ignore it. Totally saved our marriage. :)

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