So Sick... But Thankful

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yesterday was hard... but wonderful at the same time.

I felt sick all day. The kind of sick that comes and goes {each month... TMI?}, but when it's there, it's the worst. The kind of sick when you're too nauseous to eat... but then you're even more sick because you haven't eaten.

And let's pause for clarity -- I like food. A lot. I have at least 20 extra pounds on my body to prove it. There is rarely, if ever, a time I don't want to eat. Yesterday I forced down everything I ate. As I drove down a busy road in Louisville, I looked at all the usual places that would make me long for something tasty. Penn Station. BW3. Cheesecake Factory. And nothing -- nothing -- made me want to even slow down, much less stop. McDonald's? Wes asked. No. Not even McDonald's. Sad.

Yesterday was Thursday, a 10-hour day for me, and my coworker was out sick. I was dreading being in the office by myself for that long -- handling the phone, the foot traffic, everything, myself -- when I didn't feel well. I had two rather large projects that I needed to finish, but there was a temptation to waste time on the internet because I didn't feel well. Instead, I worked slowly & steadily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and got both projects accomplished.

And on my lunch break? Well, I think I've made it clear that I didn't want to eat lunch. So I busied {read: distracted} myself with chores. Folded laundry. Did the dishes. Disinfected the sinks. Took out the recycling. Filled a bag with clothes to donate. Set up Roombie to vacuum the bedroom. Organized our large closet. There is at least one day a month I get a lot of extra housework done. Yesterday was that day.

Near the end of my work day, I got an email that my laptop was ready to pick up at the Apple store (it has a few new {free} parts due to a buzzing sound I started hearing -- hooray for my Apple Care warranty!). After a week of sharing a laptop with Wesley, I was so ready to have it back. And THEN I got an email that my iPhone was ready for pick up! What a treat at the end of a long, mostly miserable day. I thanked God for the fun surprise that, frivolous as it may be, meant a lot to me.

This was probably a boring blog post for you to read. But what I'm saying is -- yesterday was hard on many levels. Mostly because I had to keep going even though I felt so bad. Because my work {and home} to-do list doesn't stop when I feel like I need to. But at the end of the day, I was overflowing with thankfulness.

God sustained me throughout the day, and my mind was conscious of that fact.

I have a great job, and it felt good to work hard even when I didn't necessarily feel like it.

Even though I felt really sick, it wasn't more than I could bear.

And as strange as it sounds, the great thing about having a day of being so sick is the extreme need for distraction... which, for me, always comes in the form of productivity.

So yes -- I keep thinking about yesterday. I chose thankfulness, and I felt God's presence. ...and I got an iPhone!*

It was a good day.

*I have waited a really long time for an iPhone -- I've wanted one for years. We could finally afford it, and it was time for a phone upgrade. I got the iPhone 4, and I couldn't be happier. I love it! What are your favorite apps?


Amanda said...

Don't feel bad for having an iphone! John is about to upgrade to an iphone 4. I hope people don't translate that as we are rich. LOL. Oh well. Another reason I'm a "bad" Christian. I love Harry Potter, hate Lord of the Rings, have a DVR and my husband owns an iphone. While we spend about 40 dollars/week on groceries in total neglect of our bodies because we just eat whatever is on sale. I'm just a walking picture of how good the gospel is. :)

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