Weekend Update

Monday, September 27, 2010

I had a fabulous weekend!

My best friend got married, I reunited with an old friend, and I bid Weight Watchers adieu for four carefree days. This week is going to be really hard. I might starve. :)

Trips to Morgantown mean visits with Grammy, and this time I decided to take a few videos during our time together. It was so sweet. She is so sweet. And funny!



I have so much more to post, and I hope to do that this week. For now, I have suitcases to unpack*!

{Actually, I'm going to watch the West Wing and go to bed, but that's what I should be doing....}


katy said...

i was just going to email you today and ask you where you've been! it's been so long.

thanks for the compliments on my blog today. :)

Alicia said...

this absolutely made my night.
LOVE grammy.. the sage wisdom mixed in with a little space travel. perfect.

Casey said...

she's adorable! no wonder you adore her so much :)

Kim said...

Your Grammy is too precious for words. I might adopt her. If you'll share.

sandy said...

LOL She is a crack up!! What ya wanna bet on her way to heaven she runs right past the moon!!

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