Am I the Only One...

Friday, October 22, 2010

...who buys Christmas presents for herself? {In October?!}

All this talk about Christmas has made me think about presents. And how I typically can't think of anything for my "list" (requested by parents every year, apparently no matter how old I get?!), but this year I want so many things!** The problem is, they are all so expensive. What's come over me? A $600 camera, a $225 flat iron, a $200 sewing machine... oh my!

My dear friend Stephanie sells Lia Sophia, and, to be totally honest with you, I am not a huge fan of any kind of "sales clubs" that generally involve having parties and inviting people who can't always afford what you're selling but feel obligated to buy something (and obligated to come in general). Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Lia Sophia, Longaberger, Scentsy, it doesn't really matter what it is -- I almost never go to those kinds of parties when I'm invited. But Stephanie loves LS and believes in the company whole heartedly, and to that I say: more power to her! Just because it's not my thing doesn't mean it can't be yours (or someone else's).

All of that to say that I just bought a pair of earrings from Stephanie. :) Aren't they cute? [The picture on the LS website is much better.] I've admired them for a while, and I'm excited about this little present I bought myself. {And thankful to Stephanie for the discount she offered!}

I should mention that Stephanie knows all about my feelings regarding these kinds of things and is totally fine with it, for which I'm thankful. This blog post won't be a surprise to her. :) To each his (or her) own. Peace, love, and fun earrings!

**Disclaimer: Parents, do NOT buy anything off my wishlist right now! I'm waiting for Black Friday deals to come and go, and I might buy several, if not all, of these really expensive things for myself in due time. :) Love you!


Amanda said...

I make a wish list about every week! Just kidding...I just start them all the time on various websites. I can't shop but I can wish :)

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