Saturday, October 16, 2010

Have I mentioned that I'm taking a photography class this month? Last week was frustrating -- lots of terminology that went over my head, and let's just say that I don't like feeling stupid. But so far this is one of my favorite shots. I love the way the lettering seems to pop off the screen, especially juxtaposed with the old brick.

Plus, what else do you need besides BBQ and beer?! I'm sure Dr. Mohler would approve of this blog post. For the record, I don't like beer. Barbecue, however, is another story!

This week's assignment is to take family photos. I haven't picked up a camera in two weeks. I'm having a rough month. Lots of sad situations around me coupled with working a lot is taking its toll. All I want is time to sit and think -- to stop doing so much -- but then when I have time alone my thoughts are overwhelming. So I start doing again.

But somehow there's still so much left undone.


Ashley said...

I can say it - you really don't need anything other than BBQ and beer! And Eastern North Carolina BBQ is the best. ;) When you come to visit, we'll definitely have to get some - it's vinegar based and yummy.

On a more serious note, take care, and call when you need to talk. Love!

Casey said...

sounds like we need a coffee/diet coke date :)

btw, love the pic.

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