Fake a Smile

Thursday, October 21, 2010

With four adults and two kids, it can be hard to get everyone looking in the same direction for a photo shoot, much less smiling. See?

Oh, the glories of Photoshop. Alicia replaced disinterested-Penelope head with happy-Penelope head.

I didn't notice until she told me! {And I still can't really tell it's fake.} Too funny.

Some other great shots:


Julie said...

Did u guys use a tripod and timer on the camera? Or did someone take them? I love them!

katy said...

is that pic of you and wes going to be your christmas card? do you use product on your hair?

Beth said...

Jules, Casey Braden took them (she's linked on my sidebar under friends).

Katy, I don't know if I'm sending Christmas cards!! Isn't that terrible? Maybe I will write a blog post about it. But no, no product, I just twisted it a bit with my flat iron. I'm actually not very good at it, and product would probably help. ;)

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