Happy Toes

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I just got a pedicure and thought I'd show off my toes. I've never gotten such a dark color before. It's fun!

Pedicures are my one major weakness. Do you know this about me? I get one every month. Yes. Every month. Go ahead and judge me for all of the money I spend on my feet. At Christmas each year, I buy myself a $200 gift card to the local nail place at the mall. Why? Because for every $100 you buy in gift cards, you get $25 free. Yes, please! So I get a $250 gift card for $200, and then I use it all year for pedicures. Wes thinks I am slightly ridiculous, but I still manage to get away with it. I just hate when my feet are gross. And I wear sandals/flip flops as much as possible, so they get that way very quickly.

It helps, too, that we have the best nail place at our mall {Red Nails at Mall St. Matthews, for all of you locals!}. I am serious when I say that I will not get a pedicure anywhere else, no matter how nice the spa. Every time I try it always seems like they just soak my feet in warm water, paint my nails, and that's it. At Red Nails, you get the works. Warm water, bath salts, a good scrub, callous remover (my favorite part!), hot towels, a massage, and -- my next favorite part -- they don't use that scrape-y tool to get the dead skin off. Do you know what I'm talking about? I hate that tool . It leaves your skin serrated, almost. I'm thankful that they hate it as much as I do.

But the best part is that I have a dear friend who goes with me each month. In the whirlwind of our busy lives, it's a date I can always count on. A friend that when I call from the parking lot to say, "I'm on my way inside... but can you meet me at the pretzel place?!" replies, all too often, "um... I'm already there." :) Love you, Kirstin Martin! Thanks for being my monthly pedicure date!


Casey said...

now i want to go get a pedicure!!! i usually only do it once a year before summer/flip flop season...but it sounds SO GOOD to me right now! maybe you and kirsten wouldn't mind a tag-along next time you go? :)

Casey said...

cute picture of your toes, btw ;)

Beth said...

Casey, you should definitely come with us next month!! :)

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