More Christmas Shopping?!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Speaking of lovely items from z gallerie {and Christmas shopping for myself}, I was admiring this chair when I was there yesterday. I think it would look super cute in our bedroom.

It's actually classified as a dining room chair. I can totally see it at the end of a long dining room table -- you know, someday when we actually have a dining room. :) But seriously, I'm learning that it's good to buy versitale pieces -- things you can imagine in multiple situations, rooms, etc. It's easier to spend money on things when you know you'll be able to enjoy them in multiple places and ways for years to come.

I already have a lot of white in our bedroom, which might be the only thing keeping me from buying that chair {another Christmas present for myself?!}:

That picture doesn't show the white dresser{s -- there are two}:

We also have a lot of white trim, a white ceiling, etc. But I don't know... that chair is still pretty appealing to me. :) My dear hubs, of course, is fighting hard for our current black chair. He likes it a lot, he says. I think he just doesn't want me to buy a new chair. What do you think? :)

We got that chair at Garden Ridge not longer after we moved to Louisville... it used to be in our living room. There's nothing wrong with it -- it's actually quite similar to the z gallerie chair if you look closely {sorry for the not-so-great picture}. It's just that I prefer tufted white linen to tufted black leather!

{By the way, you can see more pictures of my bedroom here. Our bed is now without a bedskirt -- I put a fitted sheet over the box springs à la Martha -- and I like it so much better that way!}

Ok, thanks for listening to more of my materialism. I'm off to watch an episode of the West Wing before falling asleep. Just the way I like to end my evenings!

PS: I found a cheaper option for yesterday's lamp... but with shipping it's only like $40 more at z gallerie. Hmm. What would you do? I'm tempted to buy it in store. Returns are so much easier that way.


katy said...

ha. i would buy it in store. i'm not a **huge** fan of cb2. but that's just my preference.

can you email me a picture of your bed w/ the fitted sheet over the box spring? i would love to try that but i have to see if it would even work on my bed.

Laura Myers said...

I love all the white. It's so fresh - especially with the boldly-colored walls, which I also really like. The white chair would fit in better than the dark one, I would think.

Brent and Abigail said...

you have great taste and i wish you could come out to va to help me decorate my house. every room has changed several times since we moved in 2 years ago. still trying to get it right. and i don't think your materialistic - your home should be a welcoming, relaxing, enjoyable place and I think God enjoys the pretty things in life too. so please bring wes out here to entertain Brent while you help me decorate my home :)

James and Rebekah Bush said...

LOVE the white chair! I think it would look great in there!

Kelly Irene said...

I like the white chair too :) And, um, hullo! The fitted sheet is brilliant. I *hate* our bedskirt. Do you use the same size fitted sheet as you would for the mattress? (I mean, do you need a "deep" one?) I'm replacing ours tonight.

Amy said...

Well, if you really hang out with toddlers that much, as a mother of one myself, I vote for sticking with the leather. It is much easier to clean.

Amanda said...

I agree with Amy! If you're going to freak out if a toddler enters that room then maybe steer clear of the white linen.

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