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Monday, November 29, 2010

I have a problem.

I tend to buy a lot of Christmas presents... for myself.

I love to buy things for other people, and I do -- but more often than not I leave the store with a little something for myself, too.

{I was going to list some of the items I've purchased lately, but the list started to get long, and I was embarrassed.}

Needless to say, I like to buy things myself because I wait to find good deals on them. I hate the thought of my parents spending full price on something when I know I can find it on sale! with a coupon! and free shipping!

Like these boots, for instance. +

I need a pair of rain boots. Do I need a pair of $125 rain boots? No. Am I paying a ridiculous amount of money for the classic buckle and Hunter label? Yes, yes I am. But look! I have a 20% off coupon! And ships free both ways! So shouldn't I buy them myself and save my hard-working parents $25?!

I think so. But still... I'm cheap. And I haven't decided on a color. So I haven't clicked buy... yet. :)


katy said...

navy. go for it.

Ashley M said...

I have the red ones. I. love. them. Serious. It was totally worth it and I wear them a lot, even when it's not raining. Fair warning, bright colors bring a lot of funny looks. It just makes me more confident that I got the right color. So I support the red ones, or the lime green. Buy them.

Laurin said...

Okay, Beth. So I confess: I'm not really into labels. And, in fact, I've gotten things at Payless and Target that ppl have asked me from which boutique I bought a particular pair of shoes because they just saw those in pink from wherever~wherever = totally expensive, paying totally for the brand name place. Anyways, please don't buy those. Cute, but, my friend, you could find those in bright colors at a dozen places for way cheaper!!! Stop. Right. Now. Of course I am the girl that shops from her friends' closets who do buy their clothes and shoes from way too expensive places and when they are ready to get rid of them, I go in, and buy next to nothing for them.

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