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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I haven't blogged in three days. Not because I've been without things to say, and certainly not because the last time I posted I opened up a huge can of worms. {For the record, I loved that conversation and was thankful for the dialogue!} No, I haven't posted in three days because I wanted to take a nice picture. A nice picture of two styrofoam to-go cups.

I wanted you to see these cups because I think you should know about my dilemma--the dilemma I face every time I make the trek 30-second trip to the Marathon station across the street from my office for a fountain diet coke. At said Marathon station, you can get any size fountain soda for only $0.99! What a deal! Every time I go in, I end up getting the 32 oz. soda. More value for my money than the 24 oz., right? Right. So you may be wondering what the problem is.

Well. The problem is that it's so big. That cup is just so big. I feel kind of... I don't know. I feel awkward carrying it around. I feel like people are judging me for my huge bucket of soda. But what you should know--what all of you judgmental people should know--is that there's an even bigger option! A 44 oz. soda! But I don't get it, because, value or not, that is simply ridiculous.

Anyway. I'm sorry I haven't told you sooner, as I'm sure you have found this post simply fascinating. I've been trying to take a nice picture of those to-go cups for days, even holding Alicia's camera hostage, but it hasn't been working. I've been getting home late and there hasn't been enough light. I finally took the picture with my iPhone tonight. Apparently lots of people take crazy amazing photos with their iPhones. Not me. I thought it might look better if I made the picture black and white.


Anyway, have a great Friday tomorrow. TGIF! You should check out my friend Kelly's etsy shop, Irene Design. She's closing its doors for a season, so everything is 25% off! 50 days 'til Christmas, people. That's all I'm sayin'.

And next time, don't judge me if you see me with my bucket, ok?


Amanda said...

LOL I think everyone knows about the great deals at Marathon on soda, so I think everyone who sees you thinks, "That girl is awesome cuz she knows how to get a good deal on soda." I'm pretty sure that's what everyone thinks.

Amanda said...

And thank you for spelling judgmental correctly. It was so odd to see it spelled correctly that I felt I should circle it anyway and just say, "Good job!"

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