Volume 25

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's that you see?

A new picture in my apartment?

Why, yes! It is! Thanks for noticing. :) I won it -- my first ever giveaway win! {Thanks, Katy!}

I love it. You should totally check out Volume 25. Jessica Love is SO sweet and was so prompt in communicating with me {a lowly, non-paying giveaway winner}! Speaking of paying, she actually let me pay the difference and get a slightly bigger print than I won, which I thought was exceptionally nice of her. And she was just featured on Young House Love, so you know she's legit. :)

Here are a few other prints of hers that I love {click the pictures to see them on etsy}. Happy shopping!


VOL25 said...

aww, thanks for writing this! :) So glad to see that little guy made it safely to his new home. :) It looks perfect in that frame!

Casey said...

Cute! I bought my Christmas postcards from vol25 two years ago...they were adorable as is all of her stuff! :)

James and Rebekah Bush said...

LOVE these- I just got on her site and ordered 3 prints! In my defense they are buy 2 get 1 free and just so stinkin' cute! Thanks for posting this!

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