From Penelnope, With Love

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pil-la-tuh-te is now Pe-nel-no-pe. We won't be around when she can finally say Penelope. And we miss her already.

Penelope used to leave little notes on our door, notes written in crayon with some backward letters, hung suspiciously low -- just the right height for a toddler. {And written with pretty amazing penmanship for a 2.5 year old... I think Ethel had a little to do with it!} We loved going away for a weekend and coming home to those notes.

We recently got our last little set of notes, hung when I went home before Thanksgiving and Wes was in Atlanta for SBL. Alicia's parents were here to help them move, and they were staying in our apartment while we were gone. Apparently they were enjoying their time in our humble abode, because I got a few emails and facebook messages indicating that we might have a problem moving back in ("We changed your locks! Love it here!" and "We've moved around some furniture; hope you don't mind!" were a few messages I received). So we weren't exactly surprised to read that there was no room in the inn upon our return:

If you don't know, Penelnope Penelope loves Judah, my stuffed lion. If I were an adult, I would've given him to her when she left. But I'm not, and he sleeps with me every night. The funny thing is that I don't really remember where or when I got him. I wish the story was sentimental, but I'm pretty sure I bought him for myself, because I thought he was cute. {Well, he is!}

We really miss those Theules. I have Penelope's last set of notes displayed on one of our {many} bookshelves. I smile every time I pass by!


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too cute! :)

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