Home Goods {Lamp} Love

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wesley said that my last post bored him. Wes, I'll give you a heads up: this one will bore you, too. :)

The Home Goods in Charleston, WV never fails me. I am struck with the potential of it all as soon as I walk in. So much is perfect just as it is. So much could be improved with just a little TLC!* I have been especially loving their lamp section lately. Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday's trip. {Please refrain from fawning over the quality of my iPhone pictures.}

If only I had another apartment to decorate! :) Knowing we'll probably move in a year and a half makes me reluctant to make major changes to our apartment. But one change I can't make, no matter how badly I want to or how hard I try, is to give myself more space in which to put beautiful lamps, for instance. Sigh.

*Jenny from Little Green Notebook is always inspiring me. This nightstand has been on my mind lately. Instead of spending lots of money on a {beautiful} designer piece, a recent client of hers faked it by painting a Home Goods end table. Love it!

**While I was searching LGN for the nightstand link, I found out that Jenny loves Home Goods lamps, too. I always knew she had good taste. ;)


Rebekah Bush said...

I LOVE these lamps- especially the glass one with the textured shade. We have some pretty generic lamps in our living room that I would love to replace. I might have to check out HomeGoods after Christmas! Unfortunately, I can't go to the one in WV, but I will check the one is SC while we are there:)

Kim said...

First - you had me at the base of that very first lamp! Love it. Second - I just recently subscribed to Real Simple. I have that issue sitting on my table and haven't opened it yet. Clearly I'm letting it go to waste!

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