Pajama Jeans?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Now this sounds like a fabulous idea.

However, I think their tagline needs a little work. "Just because you're busy doesn't mean you can't look sharp!" Now really. Do you wear pajamas because you're so busy you can't put on a normal pair of jeans? I wear them because they're comfortable. And I'm lazy. And they have an elastic waistband; let's be honest.

Sometimes the Internet is funny.

Edit: Apparently PJs {ha ha} aren't as amazing as one might think... or so says this article, anyway. Imagine! {Thanks, Katie!}


katy said...

i feel like you can just go buy those jean leggings for like $7 at target and wear those to bed?!?

John said...

Josiah is wearing fake looking jeans today and he also has fake looking khakis and corduroys! They just need to make more of these elasticized, comfy pants for grownups instead of for babies. lol :)

I have some maternity jeans with nice comfy waists you can borrow. Hehe just kidding :)

John said...

That was me, Amanda E. Not John.

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