Monday, December 27, 2010

Wow, the holidays are draining! Lovely, but crazy tiring.

Isn't this pretty, though?

It's calm. But the orange juice {I'm guessing that's what that is} brightens up the neutrals. And who doesn't love an oversized chandelier {lamp shade}?

Just a little post-Christmas happy for me & you. :)


Amanda said...

1. I love the pictures on the wall.
2. I sort of love the table looking oldish and the chairs looking so modern.
3. But the chairs remind me of a high school cafeteria. But they would be really kid friendly.
4. The lamp looks nice in the photo but I can't imagine it being in my house. I think it would look weird in person.
5. I think the glass vases on the floor are not such a good idea. They would be broken in less than a month in our house, even if we didn't have kids!

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