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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well, I've sold my soul to my dear friend, Meg. At least it feels that way.

Meg is taking me on a diet & exercise adventure. It's called Body for Life, and I've committed to it for two months. I'll write more about the BFL program later, but I thought you might be interested to see the contract Meg wrote & made me print, sign, and give to her. {This girl isn't messing around.} She clearly knows me, because parts are very funny....

I, Beth Crouser, promise to:

Follow the Body for Life diet from Monday, January 24th until Monday, March 28th.

This agreement entails a minimum of 4 workouts per week including at least 2 days of cardio (20 minutes) and at least 2 days of weight lifting (30-45 minutes).

I promise I will work my absolute hardest. I will push myself and my limits in order to meet my goals. I will not quit during reps (but for a quick rest), and I will try my hardest not to complain.

I will also do lunges and push-ups when necessary, as I know they are a vital part of achieving my goals!

I will hold myself accountable to the diet plan, which includes eating 6 fist-sized meals per day containing the proper proportions of proteins, carbs and vegetables. I will not cheat on this approach, but will commit myself to eating right.

This includes not eating fast food, not eating puppy chow, and minimizing my intake of diet coke products.

I will also commit myself to taking 1 day per week and refraining from exercise -- and not refraining from any food that I desire. This also includes attempting to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, no less than 6!

If I find extra accountability necessary, I will record my meals using the Eating-for-Life chart and give them to Meg for review.

I will not give up even if I feel miserable or hate life or can think of several good excuses!

Sign/ Date_________________________________________

Note: I hate lunges more than ANYTHING. Maybe even more than I hate winter {although I think those two are tied}. Push ups and I aren't friends, either. Saturday is going to be my free day in terms of the diet, and I can't wait. In some ways I think that's the worst part of this whole adventure... now I'm longing for Saturdays even more than I do during a normal work week! I've been thinking all week about what restaurant(s) I want to go to on Saturday. Is tomorrow really only Thursday?!

Body for Life is typically a 3-month commitment, but Meg graciously signed me on for two months to start. We'll see how this goes. I kind of go in diet & exercise phases {remember weight watchers?}, but Meg insists that this will be a good, sustainable approach to better exercise & nutrition. I hope she's right, as I desperately need sustainability in this area.

And I'm pretty sure she promised me $50 if I didn't notice a change by the end of March. So when all hope appears to be gone, I'll remember that. Just think of how many boxes of powdered donuts I could buy with that cash when this is over! ;)


katy said...

i could not do what you're doing! i would pretend like i lost that document.

Meg Eldridge said...

I am seriously so proud of you Beth! You are doing so great so far! I know that you are going to feel so accomplished when all of this is over. I am kicking myself for committing to pay you if you fail- what a terrible philosophy! So I wondered if I can reverse that part of the agreement? We will do something special when you succeed on me!
Great blog post!

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