"Brownies" {A Disclaimer}

Saturday, January 22, 2011

So yesterday we made dinner for a family who just had a baby. Lasagna, bread {well, ok, I did not make the bread -- Kroger did}, and brownies. The brownie mix was on sale for $1, and it was a brand name (Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines, something like that), so I bought it.

Whilst looking over at the directions, I saw a picture of 3 eggs. So I cracked three eggs and put them in the bowl with the mix. But upon reading, I learned that...

Well. I actually wrote a little story about it. Maybe you'd like to read it instead?

Once upon a time a girl was going to make brownies for her friends. She decided to substitute applesauce for vegetable oil to make the brownies a little less terrible in the nutrition category. {Note: she frequently does that with cake mixes & has great success.}

After she puts three eggs in the mix {note: she does not make anything from scratch; sorry}, she notices on the box that she could've made the brownies a little bit more "fudgy" by only using two eggs. Three eggs will, apparently, make the brownies "cake like." She wishes the picture hadn't shown three eggs, as it seems to her like brownies should be more like fudge and less like cake, but she has no choice but to move on.

After cutting the brownies & tasting one {note: quality control}, she is, um, disappointed with how they turned out. They don't exactly taste like brownies. They taste like chocolate... cake. But not as good as chocolate cake! They have an interesting texture. That's the main thing -- not so much the taste, but the texture.

{This girl has a thing with food & texture.}

She regrets that she has no time to make another dessert for her friends. She decides to cut the "brownies" into small pieces, thinking maybe their... interesting qualities... might not be as noticeable in small doses. She also decides to ice them with cream cheese frosting for good measure. When she finds rainbow sprinkles with her baking supplies, she is certain that will seal the deal!

But try as she might, they just don't taste like brownies. It is a sad day for the girl {and, more importantly, for her friends!!!}.

Moral of the story: don't try to make your brownies healthier. Brownies are not supposed to be healthy. Also, icing & sprinkles can't really make up for strange-tasting {strangely-textured} brownies.

The end.

{Please tell me you've given food to someone with a "disclaimer." Am I the only one?!}


Amanda said...

You should have had Maryn to bake with you. She knows only two eggs go into brownies! And...brownies are so good, there's just no point in making them from scratch. At least if you make the fudgy brownies. Next time if you want to dress up your brownies a bit, just put two large Hershey English Toffee Symphony bars right in between two layers of batter and bake according to the directions. So delightful.

Anonymous said...

I just made these brownies last night:http://lowfatcooking.about.com/od/foodreviews/gr/traderjoesbrownies.htm

If you have a TJ in Louisville, check them out. They are pretty yummy, and low fat (but not low sugar...).

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