Diz's Commendation

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

6 semesters, 103 credit hours, and 280439202 books later, my husband is the proud recipient of a Master's of Divinity degree. I'm so very proud of him.

Me? I got a certificate of commendation.

In case you can't read the fine print: In recognition of and appreciation for the qualities of patience and devotion which have been demonstrated in sharing the study experience at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in preparation for Christian ministry.

Patient and devoted. That's me! I don't know that I so much shared in the study experience, as I drew the line at practicing Greek and Hebrew vocabulary and told Wes he would need to make friends to study with... but I'll take it anyway. Fancy, isn't it? I think I'll frame it.*

{"Diz" explanation: One day Wes decided I needed a rapper name. Akin to P. Diddy, I became B. Dizzy; Diz for short. He thought it would be funny to put "Diz" as my middle name when he signed up for the certificate. I think he asked me and I agreed, but I'm pretty sure I was watching The West Wing when asked and not really paying attention. Lo and behold, it came packaged with his diploma, and we laughed SO hard.}

{Dear SBTS: There's too much spacing before "tenth" and "December." I realize that you used a populated form and an inexpensive piece of paper, but I really think you should work on the spacing. Clearly I'm going to frame this thing,* and people are going to notice! Love, Beth.}

*Just kidding!


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Oh my! I almost just had an accident...

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