IDK, My BFF Ashley? {2nd edition}

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Once upon a time, a girl named Beth had a best friend named Ashley.

Ashley lived in the far away land of North Carolina, and Beth really wished they lived closer to one another {Beth, as you might imagine, lived in Kentucky}. But they faithfully chatted via gmail every day, and they still had sleepovers when they found themselves in their hometown together over Christmas break. Ashley was Beth's very best friend, and she had been her best friend since high school!

{As a side note, they were even in each other's weddings. Isn't that cute?}

But I digress.

Beth wanted to get Ashley a Christmas present, but decided not to, because a website's checkout system wasn't working well. She also didn't want Ashley to be upset in case she {Ashley} hadn't gotten something for her {Beth} in return {silly ambiguous pronouns!} {silly best friend who's been mad about things like that in the past!}.

But when she returned home from Christmas break, she found a present from Ashley in her mailbox. What a jerk!

Ashley read Beth's mind stalked Beth's Amazon wish list and purchased a calendar from Furbish Studio for Beth. In a very jerkish way, she actually went to Furbish {a place Beth had always really wanted to go} and got to meet Jamie Meares in person. {Beth tried not to be jealous when she found out.}

So Beth rearranged some items on her kitchen bulletin board to make room for her beautiful new calendar.

And she loves it!

So the moral of the story is: don't you wish your best friend was as cool as mine?! Thank you, Ashley {even though you are a jerk}!

PS: I love the quotes at the bottom of the calendar. If you can't read February's quote, it says, "A house is like a husband; you have to live with it, and charm is not enough." ;)

{Okay, so there is actually not a comma after "it" in the calendar, but there should be!!}

PPS: Yes, that is a cocktail napkin with pickup lines on it. My favorite? "I'm not really this tall. I'm just sitting on my wallet." Yes indeed. And yes, that's a straw wrapper in the shape of a heart. My husband is cute. :)

::Edit:: Pictures with rounded edges don't work so well when you coded your blog to put a white border around all pictures. Or when you have a grey background. Whoops.


Ashley said...


Glad you like it. And thanks for the trip down memory lane - my search for wedding pics ended up on FB.

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