Mennonite in a Little Black Dress

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"I will always remember the day when Frankie Versalini brought out his sister's Ouija board in his basement. The thing went wild. It moved around a lot, wildlike, all over the thing." Mitch shook his head at the memory of the thing going wild on the thing.

"Did it spell out a message?"

"No. But it sure moved around. Me and Frankie weren't doing it, I swear. You ever do anything like that?"

I liked the idea of the thing gone wild, of some kind of urgent longing to communicate coupled with an inchoate inability to do so. It had a message, dammit! But it couldn't quite articulate! Or maybe the message was that there is some ineffable longing, some core need or pain, that can never be articulated, and we are helpless before its frenzy.

January's Book Club choice.
I linked to the word I didn't know, either. {You're welcome.}


Amanda said...

lol I read that book!

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