Free-V-S {Update}

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I haven't posted any coupon deals in a while, but I'm still going strong. I found a new CVS store on Lime Kiln Lane that is fabulous! The store is relatively new, big, and clean -- and the employees are so, so friendly. It's a dream come true for this couponer. :) I have to drive past two CVS stores to get to it, but it's so worth it!

Here's my loot for the night, not including another Diet Coke 12-pack (it's still in the car).

I got everything pictured (and that extra 12-pack) for $2.75. I used $11 ECBs going into it and I came out with $12.79 ECBs. Nice!


Amanda said...

COKE! Man, I need to get back into this. Are you allowed to have Coke, missy?

Beth said...

Not only can I NOT have it, I don't like it! I gave it to our neighbors. :)

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