Monday, February 14, 2011

I interrupt my radio silence to say:

1. Happy Valentine's Day! I bought myself flowers yesterday. But Wes was with me, and we swiped his credit card, so maybe he can get the credit (no pun intended)? I love hydrangeas.

2. I bought it! And while my iPhone pictures aren't great by any means, I love it. Before & after:

Bye bye, Southern Seminary; hi, Grampy! I love you.

3. This might be my next purchase. {Instead of this, which I still can't decide if I like or not... so maybe that means I don't?} Do you like it?

Also, and finally, I'm super excited about this. I probably won't be there, because it's past my bedtime, but I think Jamie Barnes & Brooks Ritter are amazing. Check it out:


katy said...

Beth! I have photoshop and can make that I love you picture for you in like 20 seconds.

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