Ash Wednesday {Random Thoughts}

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I wanted to get up this morning and go to Sojourn's Ash Wednesday service, but I didn't. I think I'm getting sick. I'm tired, I'm stuffy, and even with two extra hours of sleep this morning I'm still running on fumes. I'm pondering attending mass tonight. I'm also pondering collapsing on my couch after work. We'll see.

I typically give up something for Lent each year. I don't know if I will or not this year. Maybe instead of putting something off, I will put something on. Maybe I'll read a devotional each day, or even the Bible! Any recommendations for a good Lenten devotional?

Speaking of reading, I just finished O Me of Little Faith, and I really enjoyed it. Next on my reading list is Love is an Orientation. After that I think I'll read a 4-views book on hell. And on a lighter note, I plan to read Miss Hargreaves while in Puerto Rico, a fun book-club book from February that I failed to read. Lots of reading to do these days. Random topics, indeed, but ones that interest me.

{Count down to Puerto Rico: 24 days. Can't wait!!}

I'll now end this random-thoughts post with a quote from the book I just finished. I think it's a good summary and a good starting point for this season of Lent. I believe, like the man said to Jesus in Mark 9 -- O God, help my unbelief!

I doubt God's existence more often than I'd like. I read the Bible and somehow end up with more questions than answers. I'm trying to follow Jesus, but I'm afraid my attempts look like a blind man running an obstacle course on an ice rink. But despite the confusion, my goal is to keep moving toward my faith rather than away from it. ... I'm trying to keep the search active, and I rest in the hope that my continued searching, in itself, contains a mustard seed's worth of faith.


Casey said...

Omg! You should try this Bible reading plan for Lent:

I started a few weeks ago because I was having trouble staying in the Word. I knew I needed a "plan"; and it's been great so far! I actually look forward to reading my Bible each day

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