Five Things Friday

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Friday, friends! I'm working today -- hopefully without sinking into a pit of despair. You can pray for me. {And while you're praying, pray for Japan, if you know how. I don't, really. But I'm overwhelmed and sad for that region.}

Five things Friday; ready? Here we go.

1. My family cloth order came in and I love it. Love it. So soft & easy. I really recommend it! I knew you'd want a picture, so here you go. :)

{As a side note, I always find it hilarious when people take pictures of their bathrooms & put them on their blog. I don't know why. I mean, who really wants to see your toilet? But here you go. Now I can make fun of myself.}

{Well, now I feel the need to qualify and say there are lots of fantastic bathroom pictures on design blogs. I'm talking more about the "we just moved into a new apartment and here are the iPhone pictures of our toilet!" kind of shots. Like pretty much exactly what I posted above. Does that make sense at all?!}

2. I like this corner of our couch. It makes me happy. The pillows are all so cute. They would be even cuter if this wasn't such a crappy photo. I'll get to that in #5.

3. I don't intend for this to be a Purex blog or anything, but look at the sample that came in the mail today -- a full-sized bottle of detergent! Very cool. When I try it I'll have another giveaway -- if you're interested. Giveaways are good, right? Even if they're mostly for Purex products? {Free is free in my book.} I'm curious to know your thoughts on this if you have any.

4. I say I'm all about sustainable and reusable, but I have a confession: I wear one-day disposable contacts. I feel wasteful doing this. But I'm not very good about cleaning contacts, and at least one person in this family needs to have good eyes! But I do recycle the plastic containers they come in if that counts for anything. Wes drinks Simply Lemonade like it's going out of style, so the I collect the contact containers in an empty SL bottle and then recycle the whole thing.

5. My pictures are about to get a lot better {let's hope}, because I finally bought a camera! Now I just need to buy a memory card so I can actually use it. Oh, and read the manual -- I have a LOT to learn. But I'm excited. :)

Even more exciting is the fact that our credit card reward points bought the camera for me. They will also buy a second lens {when it goes on sale}, and I'll have a teensy bit left to put toward a cute camera bag. I am a huge fan of credit cards if you can use them responsibly. We put absolutely everything we can on ours and then pay them off each month. The Amazon/Chase rewards card is especially great for our little family, because hubs buys so many books from Amazon. {And really, what can't you buy from Amazon?! We order so much stuff from there.} You get 3 points for every dollar you spend on their website, 2 points for fuel & restaurant purchases, and 1 point for everything else. Yes, please. So we're getting rewards & building our credit at the same time; hooray!

And finally, that last picture is a tease -- I bought a new TV stand at IKEA! I'm going to try my best to take a nice photo with my fancy camera before I "reveal" it. Putting it together was a horrible process, but hubs and I somehow survived with our marriage intact. That makes the whole thing even better. :)

Do you have plans for the weekend? I'm going to relax, max {as my friend Katy always says}. Do laundry, scrub the shower, watch way too much television, etc. Productive and restful -- that's my goal. Have a great weekend!


katygirl said...

haaaaaaaaaaa hahahahah. somehow i missed this post but i am cracking up with the relax, max thing. i actually had so much to comment on and then saw that and literally laughed at my computer. i didn't even know i said that that often! hahahaha. you made my night.

here is more:
1. did you paint your bathroom?
2. did you make the ruffle pillow on your couch?
3. i don't know what kind of camera that is but it looks semi-similar to ours.
4. my nifty fifty lens is my favorite.

katygirl said...

p.s. i bought an app for 1.99 that make my phone pics look 10 times better on my blog. because sometimes they're just necessary.

Beth said...


1. Well, we painted it when we moved in. So yes, but not since 2007. :)
2. No, but a friend of mine did. And the stitching is perfect. I'm jealous.
3. Canon Rebel XS!
4. I can't wait! I've seen it as low as $89, so of course I'm not paying $120 like Amazon wants right now. I'm holding out....
5. What app do you have? I have hipstamatic, but I never use it.

Amanda said...

I like your toilet handle! Ours are about 100 years old.

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