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Thursday, March 24, 2011

As you know, I try to make little improvements to my apartment as I go. I can't understand the concept of not taking care of your home just because it's "temporary" and not yours (if you're renting, I mean). My humble abode may not be mine forever & always, but I have to live here right now!

About a year ago, our friend Casey's parents came to visit. When they came over, they said, "Wow! I guess because you're the manager you got the nicest apartment on the property." I took that as a compliment... as I laughed really hard. You should've seen our apartment when we moved in back in 2007. It was... well, it had a lot of potential. :) And I wasn't on staff back then! I've spent almost four years cleaning our apartment, painting it, and making it my own. And I think {hope} it's paid off!

Also, from a management perspective, I look at our old historic apartments and dream about what they could look like if their renters had taken care of them for the past 70+ years. It's hard to imagine!

But anyway. There's been this little spot black spot in my kitchen at the top of my cabinets where they meet the ceiling. At first I thought it was mold or mildew, but upon further inspection, I discovered that the caulk was just torn.

But with a little painter's tape & some almond-colored caulk, it's as good as new!

I love easy fixes. :) And while Wes never noticed that black spot, I smile every time I walk in the kitchen and don't have to look at it!

My friend Amanda joked that I should teach a "Village Manor Improvements" course. That made me laugh, too. But here are a few things I've done (and continue to do) to improve my little apartment:

-Remove the faucet handles and clean them

-Caulk my own bathtub instead of putting in a work order. {Not only do I use painter's tape to create clean lines, I also give the caulk more than enough time to dry before I shower again. That's easier to do when I caulk on my own schedule and am not inconvenienced by our maintenance staff's timing!}

-My wonderful MIL and FIL get the credit for installing a hanging light in our laundry closet, which makes it soo much easier to see. And Wes installed some wire shelving to make our laundry products easy to reach.

-Paint the underside of our kitchen cabinets, which was unfinished wood before.

-Make curtains to hide closet disorganization

-Clean, clean, clean. A lot. Including things you might not think to clean that often, like the tops of doorways, fan blades, and even scrubbing my oven hood until it's smooth to the touch. {Note: it took a REALLY long time and a lot of arm muscle. But I did it!}

That's all I can think of at the moment. But I really do love our little apartment, and I'm not just saying that because I'm on staff at Village Manor. :) You should take a few minutes today, especially if you're renting, to figure out what you can do to make your home a little more lovely!


Ashley said...

You're lucky to be renting a place where you can make all of those changes! I rented from five different places, and a grand total of one would have allowed me to paint ... and none would let me install shelves, lights, etc.

katygirl said...

i agree with you 100%.

Beth said...

You're right, Ashley. Most of the improvements we made will definitely benefit the next next renter -- but we're fortunate to have flexible policies in this regard!

Ginny said...

great post! i love renting b/c we have crazy unsteady income and yet no debt at all (even with andy's second college education.) but i tend to just settle for some ickyness from the ppl before us not cleaning well (it's only 6 years old, but really dirty and even moldy in the bathroom caulk)

we can't paint either, so we've learned ways to decorate white... and i actually love some of the rooms!

i'm seeing you now with the cleaning... it's clearly made a HUGE difference in your place and would, no doubt, transform ours... i think i'm even now super excited to recaulk and clean our faucet handles!!!!

THANK YOU! awesome post:)

Sally said...

You forgot the hardwood floors that we both worked on!


Amanda said...

Yay! I feel famous now because I was mentioned on Beth's blog! There are other things in our apartment that bother me more than the caulking around the tub, etc., that I'm not sure how to fix. Like the gaps between the baseboards and the walls and the floors, or the air return grate. Fan blades definitely used to be a weekly chore before kids...I guess I forgot we have fans...lol just kidding :)

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