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Saturday, March 5, 2011

So let me begin this post by explaining that I tend to sign up for a lot of things on the Internet. I enter blog contests and sweepstakes that I have no earthly chance of winning, I give out my email address for coupons {you can always unsubscribe later, you know!}, and I love free samples. That said, a few weeks ago I got an email that said, "Congratulations! You were chosen to be a Purex Insider." I thought, "What the crap is a Purex Insider?" and promptly deleted the email.

Fast forward a few weeks. A large cardboard box appears in my mailbox. Inside the large cardboard box is a large, fancy package from Purex. Inside the large, fancy package is a small bottle of Purex Crystals, Purex's new fabric softener, and a coupon for a free bottle as well. Apparently being a Purex Insider means that Purex will send you samples in exchange for your endorsement. Very interesting. The package was beautiful, but I do have to say that I thought it was excessively wasteful. So much package, such a small bottle! If I was a good blogger I would have taken a picture to demonstrate my point, but instead I took that pretty box straight to the recycle bin to make myself feel better and immediately started a load of laundry to try out a new, free product.

Confession: even though I try my best to be green and eco-friendly, that hasn't been a part of my laundry life. I've never had the desire to make my own detergent. I know that scented detergents and fabric softeners coat your clothes and subsequently soak in your skin and all of that terrible stuff... but I love the way my clothes smell when they come out of the dryer! {Note: I once bought "free and clear" dryer sheets, and I was so very disappointed. I used them, so as not to be wasteful, but I confess that I gleefully bought a scented kind as soon as that box was gone.}

Anyway -- Purex Crystals are advertised as being 92% natural. That kind of makes me laugh, to be honest -- what about the other 8%? But apparently some softeners are up to 20% oil-based, which is why it's not good to use them on towels (it stops them from absorbing water -- my mom always taught me never to use a dryer sheet when drying towels, so apparently she's right!). I'm gleefully washing a load of towels right now with the crystals... I'm anxious to see the end result. I've never been able to use fabric softener on towels before.

I've been using the sample I was sent for a week or so, and I do like it. I like that I don't have another step after my clothes are done in the washer (no dryer sheet, I mean). My clothes smell good when I get them out of the dryer, and they're soft, so the crystals seem to work well. In the spirit of honesty, I'm not sure if I would buy them instead of buying dryer sheets, but it would at least cross my mind. Full disclosure: I would probably buy whatever was cheaper!

What kind of detergent/fabric softener do you use? I'm not loyal to a brand, but I typically use All detergent. I used to use Cheer exclusively (that's what my mom used), but once I started couponing I was able to get All quite inexpensively and discovered I like it just as well. I always buy liquid detergent, but recently a friend gave me a box of powdered Tide, and I like it a lot, too. So I'm clearly not brand specific. When it comes to fabric softener, I never use liquid (even though my mom always did). I always buy dryer sheets, and I usually buy the generic kind, even though I won't buy generic detergent. Aren't I strange? Please tell me you have your own {laundry?} quirks, too.

Leave a comment on this post by midnight tomorrow (Sunday the 6th), and on Monday I'll use random.org to pick a winner. I'll mail whomever wins my coupon for a free bottle of Purex Crystals so you can try them out yourself. :)

{Click here to learn more about Purex Crystals. If you're interested in applying to be a Purex Insider yourself, click here.}


*kirstin* said...

I have laundry quirks, but I am trying to use free and clear detergents/dryer sheets for V's sake right now. I also bought a bottle of more environmentally friendly detergent from Shaklee to try so we will see how that goes. Supposedly it is less toxic, etc. Despite everything I just wrote though, I am always up for trying something new on my own laundry, especially if it will make it smell good!

Lauren said...

Beth, I have had the same battle as you, that I want to be eco-friendly but also have my clothes smell good, and JUST TODAY, I figured out a wonderful way to do so. I had bought a bottle of Dr Bronner's castile soap (lavender scented) and really wanted it to work as a detergent. So I made Judah finish out a 32 oz tub of yogurt, squirted a couple milliliters of the soap into it, added 1/2 cups of both washing powder and borax and filled the rest with warm water. I stir it and add 1/4 cup to each load. I have an HE machine, so I think I could use less. I've washed 4 loads of laundry with it today, including 2 loads of towels, and I LOVE it. (I also added vinegar to the washing machine as a fabric softener.) The clothes have been soft, smell wonderful, and it's so easy and cheap to make more. To keep your towels soft, take them out when they're just very, very slightly damp and shake them out.

Ashley said...

I would love to try this product! The scents would be amazing.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

Rebekah said...

I always just use whatever I can get for free or very cheap which is also usually All! But my favorite dryer sheets are the arm& hammer ones! I know they aren't eco-friendly, but they smell SO good!!! I would love to try out this product though...and I have been researching more eco-friendly options for detergent since i will be cloth diapering soon and you can't use the regular detergent on them!

katygirl said...

i always buy the eco-friendly detergent at costco but i would love to try!

Amanda said...

I have used Shaklee but right now we're using Target brand free and clear. I use fabric softener on John's clothes because he needs it :) Have you ever tried essential oils?

sweetsammieface said...

I'm kind of interested in making my own! haha
That will not happen at LEAST for the next 3 years, but it would be cool!
Right now I use whatever I have a coupon for...so that's where YOU come in.


Kara said...

I'm super bummed I missed the cut off point, but I wanted to add that I just used up my bottle of Lavender scented Purex crystals.

I bought them myself because I was wanted liquid fabric softener even though I wasn't sure I could remember to add the softener at the right time. My mom always used dryer sheets and I've done the same. I love how easy the crystals are to use, and my clothes smell wonderful, better than the Snuggle dryer sheets I had been using. The bottle was pretty expensive, but it lasted much longer than I expected. I'm not sure if I will buy it again, but I have been looking for coupons.

PS. I use All free and clear, concentrated laundry detergent. I've used that for a long time because when I was in college I found out it was much cheaper. I grew up with powdered Tide.

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