Monday, April 25, 2011

I got a great deal at CVS tonight, and I didn't even have to try very hard! Check it:

4 Airwick Freshmatic Starter Kits (two are hidden)
2 Packages of Gummy Bears
1 Diet Cherry Coke Zero
1 Blink Tears Drops

I spent $3.56, $1.90 of which was tax (you can't use ECBs toward tax)
I used $10 in ECBs
I received back $17.99 in ECBs

I'm seriously pleased with this trip. I increased my ECBs by $7.99, which is huge! And I only got the gummy bears & diet cherry coke because -- well, it's hard to explain. I basically needed to increase my pre-tax total.

Incidentally, the gummy bears were an upsell item that helped my cashier out. Her name is Jaz, and she is SO nice. I needed to spend a little bit more, it helped her out, and Wes loves gummy bears. But he doesn't need two packages, so I gave one to our neighbors. Winning all around, wouldn't you say? :)

I love CVS!


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