Puerto Rico: Day Four

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random thoughts about Puerto Rico:

-I kind of like it that most of the signs are in Spanish. Although I wish I knew Spanish better.

-When you get gas here, don't get excited. The price is for a liter, not for a gallon.

-Oh, and when you get gas here, you have to go inside and give your driver's license and card to the attendant. Then you go fill up. Then you go back and they run your card. This process is made especially interesting when they do not speak English, and you do not really speak Spanish.

-You can put avocado on your Subway sandwich for a small upcharge. Interesting. Hubs would love it.

-Speaking of fast food, there are McDonald's and Burger Kings everywhere. Oh, and Wendy's does not give free refills, which is confusing and sad all at the same time.

-Going on vacation with a friend is really fun. So is walking barefoot on blue cobblestone streets.

-It is so very worth it to rent a car if you are staying at a resort -- in Puerto Rico or otherwise. I'm about to talk a lot, but seriously. It's just so great to not be forced to do things with big groups of people on tour buses. And to not be bound by pre-made itineraries and others' time constraints. It was $85 to rent a car for a day -- from 2:30 p.m. one day to 2:30 p.m. the next day. We went to Old San Juan, to a private beach, to a rainforest, to an outlet mall, out to eat a few times, to Walgreens for affordable snacks & diet soda... it was a priceless commodity. Plus the fact that to go to the rainforest with the hotel was somewhere between $40 and $60 a person -- and it's less than 10 minutes away with free admission. Ridiculous! So for the price of one excursion we had many. So, so great.

-Don't forget to release the emergency brake while driving and wonder what the squealing sound is about. {Just keeping it real.}

-It's beautiful outside even at 7 a.m. I could really get used to this.

-The wind, caused by being located right next to the water, can get a little annoying, though.

-Resort life is ridiculous over priced. Truly, it's terrible.

-But at least VISA is accepted basically everywhere.

-I miss my hubs, but I do not want to go home tomorrow! Can you blame me?!


Kelly Irene said...

I bet the avocados are especially wonderful there. I'm hungry. And I'm jealous. It looks so beautiful! (it's windy here, too :)

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