Today Is Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yesterday was Tuesday, and on Tuesday I bought this print on Etsy:

Isn't it just perfect for me? I love it. I'm going to hang it in my kitchen. :) I also couldn't recommend Diana's shop more highly. She permits custom colors on this print, and she mocked up FOUR different prints for me before I decided on the colors I wanted. And she was nice the whole time! Fantastic, I tell you. {Thanks, Diana!}

Speaking of my kitchen, I'm going to do this on a smaller scale -- in the backsplash area.

I'm keeping Village Manor's typical cream background paint {the kitchen is the only room in our apartment that hasn't been painted! Too much of a hassle with the appliances, in my opinion} and just using a slight shimmer for the stencil design. I'm not sure what color yet, but I want it to be subtle. Kind of like this {that's an amazing DIY, by the way!}. But in the spirit of full disclosure, my countertop is hideous, our cabinets have brass knobs, I have multicolored fiestaware that I don't really like, etc. I share all of that to say this: there's no way possible for my kitchen to look really great. But I do think this will be a step in the right direction. :) Pictures forthcoming!

Also. I'm obsessed with pinterest. Aren't you? If you don't know what it is, check out Sherry's post here (it's a good introduction with absolutely appropriate gushing). I love that I can file all of my inspiration pictures in one place plus click through to original sources plus find inspiration from tons of other people! However, I pinned this the other night and laughed as I did, although it's kind of true:

In other news, my fingernails are bright pink and I'm determined to have a good day. The storm kept me up last night (loud wind!), but I made it to the gym this morning, and it's Wednesday... which is one day closer to Friday than yesterday, you know!

If you're bored, here are some random links for you this Wednesday:

-A friend posted this food manifesto article on facebook a while back. Definitely worth reading.
-I love Nicole's laundry room! I would never purchase red appliances, but they look so cute in her space.
-I am so sad that these earrings are sold out. SO SAD! I bought a groupon for the shop & have been waiting for a facebook sale. When one finally came, I found out they are sold out. Noooo!

{Random links cut short, because I just found out I'm going to a luncheon with the mayor today. I'm so glad I dried my hair and look awesome. Eeik, that's sarcasm, people! Must go find some lipstick!}


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