Grammy & Quick DIY

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

People have been asking me how I am. Well, truthfully, I've been better. I'm tired. I'm emotionally drained. I hover between feeling okay & feeling like I could cry for the rest of my life. So I've resorted to saying, "I'm here... just like Grammy."

Yes. She's still here. There's no need to wonder where I got my
stubbornness from, friends. :) Today her doctor of 30+ years gave her between 1-3 days. But after hearing last Monday that she wouldn't make it longer than a week, we're all baffled. Does anyone really know? No. Not really. But it truly doesn't look like it will be much longer. At any rate, here we'll stay until she's not with us anymore.

In between periods of sitting with her, I've been trying to distract myself. So when an opportunity for a quick & easy DIY project made itself known at my mom's apartment, I happily jumped at the chance. She has a TV stand with glass doors. Cute... but cluttered. {That's why I don't like TV stands with glass doors. We've talked about this.}

Nothing a few sheets of frosted scrapbook paper won't fix!

After. Much nicer than visible clutter, don't you think?


Amanda said...

Good idea Beth!

Laurin said...

Aw, Beth. Been thinking a/b you much these days and praying too. Oh my goodness. You've inspired me...I've always despised our T.V. stand...can't handle even seeing our T.V. "out" but really hate that you see inside to the chaos of the books, printer, etc. Going to do this!

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