Grammy Update

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm in Morgantown; I got here Thursday. I'm heading home tomorrow. It's been a quick trip to see my precious Grammy.

She isn't doing too well. She's not eating. But she is drinking water, and I'm thankful for that. She also seems to have a little bit better presence of mind than she did two weeks ago. I'm confident she knows who I am. And amidst the tears & sorrow over losing her slowly, there have been funny moments. Like:

Grammy: Come over here; I need to tell you something.
Me: {Preparing for some poignant "I'll always love you" moment}
Grammy: You're freezing me to death. I'm FREEZING!!!


Me: {Sitting beside her, watching a movie on my laptop, reaching over to hold her hand}
Grammy: Oh NO NO NO. I was sleeping, and you woke me up. Please go away. Please!

This kind of makes it sound like she's with it a lot; she isn't. She sleeps most of the time. But she is still communicating, and I treasure every word that slips out of her mouth. Before I left tonight, I offered her a drink of water and then tried to get her to eat some pudding. She said, "Not right now; thank you. Maybe later. You're so nice." :)

I'll end with this picture, which was taken on her birthday last August. I love it so much because of the grin on her face. The quality is terrible {we're not so good with the iPhone}, but oh, how I love that smile!


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