Going Out

Thursday, August 11, 2011

{This post title reminds me of dating in junior high... who was "going out" with whom. My mom always used to tease me about that. "Where are you going?" she'd ask. "To the cafeteria?" Very funny, mom.}

In celebration of her husband's new job, my bestie & her hubs went out to dinner the other night. She mentioned on facebook that it was the first time since they had gotten married (10.5 months) that they had been out to dinner alone.

Really?! I asked. That's so crazy. Wes & I? We go out to dinner a lot. Like several times a week a lot. I'm suddenly feeling very... I'm not sure what the word is. Embarrassed? Silly? Crazy?

Let it be known: I hate to cook. I also hate to grocery shop & meal plan. Hubs loves to cook, but isn't so much a fan of those latter two things, either.

When we first got married I was super stressed about my failure as a wife because of my hatred for cooking & meal planning. I viewed it as my domestic responsibility because of my gender. {Don't even get me started on how misguided that was... I've grown a lot since then!} We quickly learned what works for us... which means if it's going get cooked, Wes is generally going to be the one to cook it. And I'll do the dishes -- not because of my gender, but because I genuinely don't mind. :)

But we do like to go out. And we're at a stage in life that it's feasible for us to do so {no kids, enough income to make it work}, so out we go. There are so many great places in Louisville to eat {this is one of the many reasons I can't lose the 10 pounds I'm always fighting with!}. Little independent restaurants, corner dives, Irish pubs... so much good food.

Anyway. Last night we went to Tumbleweed on the river. I didn't want to go so much for the food {we have a few favorite Mexican places I was sure it couldn't top -- and it didn't}, but more for the location. It was a breezy, beautiful evening, and I thought it would be nice to sit by the water. Turns out, I was right. It was just lovely.

So yes -- going out works for us... but I should probably try to plan at least a few meals a week so we don't end up making pasta every other night. If you have a "to die for" recipe, or even just a family favorite that you always turn to, please send it my way!


Ashley said...

To be honest, not going out to dinner was never an active choice. We always just meal plan, and really, once we get home for the day, neither of us really wants to leave. We're homebodies (and quite boring ones at that!).

Also, Isaac *swears* we went to IHOP alone for dinner at some point in the last 10 months. I really don't think we did ... I even looked through our online banking and couldn't find it.

Also (2), I will be sending our new favorite recipe your way. I always love getting new easy ones - I'm no cook either!

Amanda said...

Haha, you should become a Dave Ramsey follower. He will brainwash you away from restaurants!

We love eating out too :) It's pretty much the only thing we like to do on date nights. And visit book stores. Loser-y.

Laurin said...

Beth, Aaron and I ate out A LOT before having kids. So, I say: go for it! And, now, cate nights are spent at restaurants and we get real excited when we do take out = ). I remember when we first moved here and we were having a hard time adjusting to everything new, Aaron made the comment that eating out was a/b the only thing we had to look forward to each week. Pathetic, huh?!! We love to eat....I just posted a good and easy fish recipe on my blog. It doesn't taste fishy at all.

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