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Friday, August 19, 2011

Step One: Complain about your dirty sink sprayer for four years.

Step Two: Decide to do something about it.

Step Three: Disassemble said sprayer. {Pop off the small white center cap & remove the screw that holds it all together.}

Step Four: Soak the parts in CLR for 5 minutes. Rinse, scrub, and repeat for five more minutes.

Step Five. Reassemble. Delight in your like-new sprayer {and marvel at how easy that was}!

Step Six: Make plans to do your shower head next. :)


Alicia said...

true story: for an awful shower head, i once put CLR in a ziploc baggie and rubber-banded it to the head for 15 minutes. scrubbed/rinsed/repeated.

might save you the disassemble step :)

Beth said...

That's what I was planning to do, actually! Lol. Great minds think alike. :)

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