Walgreens Success!

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm not usually a Walgreens shopper, but I had to go out tonight to buy a last-minute packet of seasoning, and their store is close to our apartment. Since I knew I had to spend money there, I thought I'd check out Money Saving Mom's weekly store-deal post before I left to see if I could get anything for free. Namely, if I could buy something & get an equal amount of register rewards back -- and then use those register rewards to buy my seasoning.

Well, my plan worked! Here's my obligatory iPhone picture of my success:

I spent $10.70 out of pocket & I'm going to get a $10 rebate in the mail for the Brita pitcher. And since we already have one, I'll be able to donate it. I needed qtips, so I'm pleased I was able to throw those in the mix, along with a razor and a random bite-sized caramel.

$0.70 for all of that? When I would've spent $1.29+tax just for the seasoning I needed? Yes, please!

Oh, and I shouldn't forget to tell you that I also got a free drink at Thornton's on the way because I picked up a piece of litter to throw away last week -- and that litter was a ticket stub from some kind of sporting event. On the back was a coupon for a free fountain drink. Score!

And speaking of trash, I got two extra coupon inserts this week because I took some I found just laying on top of a trash can on Market street when we went to brunch after church yesterday. Wes just shook his head. :)


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