What Was I Waiting For?! {Candle-jar-saving edition}

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh, look! I finally did something I've been putting off for a while. Imagine that.

I had this super-cute candle from Target... but I burned it until it would burn no more. Sad day. But instead of tossing it in the garbage, I decided I wanted to keep the glass holder. So I put some tea lights in it. But they didn't sit evenly on the uneven leftover wax, which meant they didn't burn evenly... it clearly wasn't working. See for yourself:

So I popped out the tea lights & put my kettle on to boil. I laid a washcloth in the kitchen sink & prepared for a little bit of a mess.

I poured boiling water into the candle, let it sit for 10-20 seconds, and then poured it out over the washcloth. Water & melted wax poured out. The washcloth served to collect the wax, letting the water drain below. Like such as:

{Don't be envious of my countertops. The color's to die for, I know.}

I only had to do that four or five times before I was left with a mostly-clean glass container. A little Goo Gone was all that was needed to remove the waxy residue.

{You can be envious of my sparkling-clean faucet knobs, though. Aren't they... well... clean?}

{{And as a side note, how do people live without Goo Gone? It's amazing.}}

Just look! Good as new:

And I couldn't resist an "action" shot:

The whole thing took 10 minutes. Fifteen at most. Aren't those the best fixes -- the quickest, simplest ones? {I wonder why it is I put them off, then!}

It was so simple, in fact, that I couldn't resist saving more candle holders! This one used to be a febreeze candle. He was headed for a landfill. But no longer! Now he'll be a perfect jar for loose change, qtips, peppermints, what have you. He's so versatile.

And this concludes another "what was I waiting for?!" post. Sometimes simple fixes make all the difference. :)


Kara said...

I've had great success by sticking the jar in a pot of warm water on the stove. (the water out of my kitchen faucet is sometimes hot enough to work too) If there is just enough water to cover the melted wax in the jar, but not so much that water goes into your jar. The warm water heats the wax from the outside, then the wax is melted enough to slip out the jar in one piece. You can throw the wax away, or melt it down to make a new candle with new wicks.

I've used this method to clean my votive candle holders, and haven't used Goo Gone.

Amanda said...

You can also place the candles in the freezer for a day and use a butter knife to pop out the frozen wax. Usually comes right out.

Beth said...

So what you're saying is that I should've asked for advice before attempting this project... both of your ideas sound so much more simpler than mine! Lol. Next time. :)

Amanda said...

Very good ideas, all of you! We use flameless things now or tart warmers because of the kiddos. And when we had a cat, she lit her tail on fire in a candle, and it totally freaked me out. LOL So, I do know that if you spill wax on a floor or table, a hair dryer gets it off very easily.

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